Academic opportunities


Our library is the focal point of the school and plays an important role. It holds items including books, audiovisual items and excellent reference section. The library provides material to satisfy educational needs and recreational interests. All students from Kindergarten to Year 6 have access to the library for borrowing, research and to view audiovisual programs. Children borrow directly from the library and a large selection of books is also distributed by the library to the classroom, to provide additional reading materials and to supplement classroom themes. The library is computerised and borrowing is done with a computer card and scanner. Students are trained as library monitors to assist the Teacher Librarian. The Library is open at lunch times for quiet reading and research.

Parent help is always welcome to assist with shelving, tidying and covering of books. Please contact the school office if you can help.



Our school is committed to providing up to date technologies to all students. All classrooms are equipped with Interactive White Boards (IWBs).

Using IWBs can facilitate learning by providing access to the internet, multimedia programs, games and lessons that are ‘interactive'. This form of teaching engages the students and supports all styles of learning.

In addition to IWBs the school is equipped with an Interactive Classroom with video conferencing facilities. These facilities can take students on live virtual excursions to places that would otherwise be inaccessible (NASA, The Great Barrier Reef) or they can allow classes to conference live with other schools (to share news, explore current topics, look at lifestyle differences or have a live debate).

Each classroom has their own computers, laptops and iPads and all students and staff have access to digital cameras, audiovisual equipment and video cameras.

Teachers take part in training and development throughout the year to further support their teaching practices.

The competitive arena awaits students with the chance to excel in public speaking, debating, web design, student newspapers, environmental management and much more.

Explore the DET arts unit's website to find out about state-based and national debating, public speaking and spelling events.