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Gardening Club

A group of 20 students from K-6 have volunteered their Wednesday lunchtimes to look after our school vegie garden and orchard. 

The students have taken home a variety of seeds which have been planted into recycled seedling boxes.  They will water and care for these seedlings (carrots, beans, corn, tomatoes and zucchini) until the plants show their secondary leaves.

While the seedlings are growing at home, the club members will be working hard weedng and preparing the garden beds for planting.  This will be a tough job - some of the weeds are taller than the students!

The two worm farms that have been embedded into our garden are enjoying the extra food scraps coming their way.

Please add any comments or photos of your own vegie garden on our 'Green Thumbs Gazette'  Blog via your child's Student Portal in the BlogEd link.  Look for the Lane Cove Science and Environment Blog and then the Green Thumbs Gazette post.

It should be another bumper year ahead with plenty of fresh fruit, herbs and vegies at Lane Cove West!