Student Representative Council

Each year a Student Representative Council is elected from students at Lane Cove West Public School. Each class in Years 3 - 6 elects a boy and girl member to the SRC to meet every second week. Minutes are taken at each meeting and displayed on the noticeboard outside Year 6. 

The SRC is responsible for representing the student body, deciding on fundraising ideas and co-ordinating special events such as the Stewart House mini-fete. The SRC models appropriate behaviour for all students in the school. Members of the SRC report information from and to their respective classes. 


To be an SRC member is a privilege because they:

  • are recognised as an important part of the school community
  • are involved in important decision-making processes within the school
  • are acknowledged as leaders within the school community
  • are responsible for working closely with classroom teachers and school executive
  • are chosen by a system that models Australian democratic and representative practices


Each year the SRC: 

  • supports a variety of charities through fundraising
  • encourages school spirit and pride
  • discusses student rights and responsibilities 
  • identifies and voices student opinions and ideas 
  • works hard to improve school facilities and events
The SRC is supported by a classroom teacher who arranges meetings for the SRC with school staff and executive.