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Last updated 7:58 PM on 26 July 2015

Students at Our Big Kitchen



On Sunday 26 July, 2015 four Year 6 members of our Student Representative Council and one Year 4 student visited Bondi's 'Our Big Kitchen'. The community run kitchen, with the support from volunteers, provides meals that are distributed to needy people from all walks of life. The main ingredient of the kitchen is 'love'.


Accompanied by Mr Rastall and Mrs Butler, the children prepared and baked bread to be distributed at soup kitchens and made cookies for the Sydney Children's Hospital clown doctors. To pay it forward, the children were lucky enough to take home some of the bread and cookies to share with someone else.


The children were commended by the staff at Our Big Kitchen and another visiting group. The exercise taught them initiative, teamwork and the value of helping others in need.


Thank you to our five volunteer children, their parents for providing permission and the 'Our Big Kitchen' staff for allowing us to come along. Other community helping initiatives are planned for our school leaders.


For more information: http://www.obk.org.au/