What's happening in Kindergarten?


Once again we welcomed 96 Kindergarten students to our school in February in 2017. We endeavour to instil a love of learning and enable the students to develop independence as well as close friendships in their first year of school.

The Kindergarten teachers this year are:

KS - Ms Rachel Saul (Assistant Principal)

KA - Mrs Sharmin Adaggra (Mon-Wed) & Ms Lindsay Chalmers (Th-Fri)

KL - Ms Lauren Chan

KP - Mrs Jane Parrish

K/1C Mrs Alix Campbell

The Kindergarten teachers work collaboratively to program quality lessons across the Key Learning Areas. We have designated Literacy and Numeracy sessions each day where students work in small, ability based groups.

Students come together as a grade for a variety of activities including sport, singing and buddy classes and participate as a grade in themed events such as Nursery Rhyme Day, Fairy Tale Day and Pyjama Day.

Our Kindergarten teachers strive to create happy, positive classrooms where students feel safe to take risks with their learning.


Each class has a daily English session where the students focus on sounds, blends and sight words. The students are exposed to a variety of persuasive, informative and imaginative types of texts including Recounts, Poetry, Procedures, Information Reports and Narratives throughout the year. Each week the students present News items on a prepared topic.

Our English themes this year will be:

Term 1: Nursery Rhymes

Term 2: Fairytales

Term 3: Australian Animals

Term 4: Christmas around the World

Literacy Groups

All students participate in daily literacy groups. The students work in small groups to complete a series of activities with a focus on reading and writing. Activities include sound and sight word games, computer based activities such as Reading Eggs, Letterland and Star Fall, word family activities, silly sentences, spelling, grammar and story writing. Each student reads daily with the teacher and learning support staff.


Numeracy Groups

All students participate in daily Numeracy groups. The students start the session with a whole group lesson where previously taught concepts are revised and a new concept taught. The class then participate in an activity on the Interactive Whiteboard and an activity using concrete materials. The students move into small groups to work around a series of activities designed to re-enforce the new concept being taught.

HSIE (Human Society and its Environment): History and Geography

This year our topcs are:

Semester 1: This is Me - Personal and Family Histories

Semester Two: Special Places


Kindergarten study four topics during the year. This year our topics are:

Term 1:On the Move

Term 2: What's It Made Of?

Term 3: Staying Alive

Term 4: Weather in my World

CAPA (Creative and Performing Arts)

All classes participate in daily CAPA activities which include learning action songs, percussion activities, dancing, craft and painting. In addition to this, the students see our specialist CAPA teacher weekly. During this time the students participate in dance and movement activities on the themes Colour, Families, Fairy Tales, the Seasons and Under the Sea.


All classes see our specialist sports teacher weekly. During this time the students participate in a wide range of games designed to improve their skills in throwing, catching and kicking. There is an emphasis on working as part of a team. In addition to this, all students participate in the following weekly activities with a specialist teacher:

Term 1: Athletics

Term 2: Yoga

Term 3: 2 week Swim School

Term 4: Sports in Schools



We place great emphasis on our very popular 'Buddy Program'. On the first day of Kindergarten, each student is 'buddied up' with a Year 6 student who will be their buddy for the remainder of the year. Big buddies come to the classrooms to participate in activities across all Key Learning Areas.

Other Kindy Activities

The students are all looking forward to participating in a number of special activities this year including:

* OzOpera

* Mandarin lessons

* Gardening

* Chook Chat

* Grade excursions

* K-6 Athletics Carnival

* Life Education

Kindergarten is an important year of schooling as children formally begin to develop their literacy and numeracy skills. Our whole school community will help your child adjust to school and help them to feel comfortable.

When to start school

Your child can start Kindergarten at the beginning of the school year if they turn five on or before 31 July in that year. By law, all children must be enrolled in school by their sixth birthday.

When to start your child at school is an individual decision. You may want to discuss this with us or with your child's preschool teacher, carer or doctor.

Transition to school

We have a set of planned activities to assist your child to make a smooth transition to Kindergarten. Research indicates that children who settle quickly into school are more likely to be socially competent and achieve better results. Contact us to find out about our activities and how you can be involved.

Preparing for Kindergarten

You can help your child prepare for Kindergarten and be organised for the first day. Watch what happens on a typical day in Kindergarten classrooms. Visit our school to help your child feel more comfortable and to start getting to know people there.

Best Start Kindergarten Assessment

The best start assessment is a tool to help teachers assess your child's skills as they enter school, and to tailor teaching to their individual needs. Teachers will sit with your child when they start school to assess your child's literacy and numeracy skills so that they can develop an appropriate teaching program that caters for your child.